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Canada's private broadcasters consider copyright reform to be a key priority. Bill C-32 presents the best opportunity to date to achieve balance in copyright, and we are working hard to support the passage of this Bill.

Election Update

Broadcaster Position on Copyright Reform Post Bill C-32 

Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act, which was being debated by a Legislative Committee until March 24, 2011, has now met the fate of its three immediate predecessors and died on the order paper.  While it was still under active consideration, the CAB and its members supported Bill C-32.

The death of Bill C-32 does not mean that the efforts of the CAB and all its members in support of Bill C-32 were in vain. Private broadcasters came together in an unprecedented show of solidarity and support for copyright reforms in an effort to fix a broken copyright framework. This support was demonstrated through an appearance and numerous written submissions to the Legislative Committee, in-person meetings and on-air interviews with politicians, as well as the widespread airing of a PSA in support of Bill C-32. 

While we cannot predict the outcome of the federal election, it is important to note that a bill that has died on the order paper can be reintroduced as a new bill, with a new bill number, in the next session of Parliament. The CAB will support any bill that seeks to address the existing inadequacies of the Copyright Act by providing broadcasters and other value creating industries with meaningful and effective relief from an excessive and complex copyright burden.

If you have any questions or comments concerning the impact of the election on the CAB’s copyright reform efforts or any other issues relating to copyright reform, please don’t hesitate to contact the CAB, click here,